Session Work   -   Online or In-person


I am available for session work, either in person or via the internet. I always do my best to bring musicality, creativity, and professionalism into the studio environment. As a result I've had the opportunity to  work on a wide variety of projects in a number of genres.


I've designed my recording space, Creeksound Studio in Newtown, CT,  to optimally record all the instruments I play - pedal steel, lap steel, dobro, banjo, and mandolin, as well as electric, acoustic and baritone guitar. I record into ProTools using exceptional microphones (Neumann, Rode, Kel, etc), preamps (Universal Audio, FMR RNP, ACMP-73), and plug-ins (UA etc).

For samples of my playing, please visit the Music & Videos page. To get in touch regarding your project, fill out the Contact form.












"Very simply put, David Kaye has the talent, taste, and dedication to make any recording project shine. Dave is one of those rare people that not only has the insightfulness to envision a finished recording project, but also the ability to "deliver the goods" in every phase of the project as a producer, arranger, and musician."
- Gordon Titcomb, pedal steel/banjo/mandolin for Paul Simon, Arlo Guthrie, Kinky Friedman, and many others



"Just wanted to thank you for your [dobro] work on our song...your choices and beautiful range of expression have taken the song to another level. It's a fresh sound on the album and your playing will make a great contribution."

- Vicky Harris, singer/songwriter


"David brings a professional, skillful, and instinctive touch...the pedal steel he added to my project stepped my songs up to a new level. Dave was incredibly easy to work with and was always focused on delivering a product I was happy with. His instincts made my job as a writer, producer, and performer easy. His musical experience and education set the groundwork for a performance that didn't need multiple takes, multiple tries, or my coaching. Dave put together exactly what I imagined in a matter of days and the .wav files were emailed to me right away, imported into my sessions, and sitting right in the mix. I suggest anyone looking for pedal steel - call Dave."
- Michael Chenkus, singer/songwriter



"Thank you for your fabulous contribution to the record. You are an outstanding musician!"

- Murray Low, singer/songwriter